Australian Super Transfers

Australian superannuation funds can be transferred into your NZ KiwiSaver if you have settled here permanently.

The process to transfer is straightforward, and we are able to assist with it all. In order to start a transfer, you will need to know who your Super is with, what your member number is, and what your tax file number is. If you don’t know these, see the links at the bottom of this page, or contact us for more information.

When transferred, the money is ring-fenced within your KiwiSaver and can be accessed from the age of 60 if you meet the Australian definition of retirement at that age.

Why Transfer?

  • All your money is in the country you are going to retire in, making keeping a track of your income and accessing funds as you need them a lot easier.
  • When the money is in KiwiSaver you control how it is invested.
  • You can obtain advice about how your funds should be invested when they are in your KiwiSaver from a NZ based adviser.
  • We do not charge any fees to assist you with the transfer.


  • Investment options may be different, and you would need to consider where the options in KiwiSaver are better for you than in Super.
  • Tax rates are different in NZ and Australia. You therefore may pay a different rate of tax if your funds are left in Australia.
  • With your Aussie Super, there may be insurances or guaranteed benefits. You would need to check which (if any) of these apply to you before making a decision about whether you should transfer your Super funds.

Find Your Super

If you are not sure where your Aussie Super is, or how much you have, you are able to track it down via the Australian Tax Office if you have a note of your Australian Tax File Number.

Tax File Number

If you don’t know your Tax File Number, you can search for your Super using the form via the link below.

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